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Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork

April 20, 2017


By Davie FL Chiropractor - Dr. Z


There is a BIG difference between test results and real results. This blog and testimony is to highlight that simple truth. Thousands of people in our community are living with conditions and chronic problems that stem from an bad "internet-connection". It's not what your doing wrong, it's just....what your not doing. 


Yes, sleeping wrong and tech neck affect how you feel. Yes, sitting for hours is bad. Because stress is routine and regular in all shapes and forms, chiropractic care should be as well. This level of thinking helps your body adapt in "real-time" and overcome. 







Michelle is a great example of what happens when you put 2 feet in and commit to becoming a better version of yourself. Her and her family have been under regular care for 3+ years and their results speak for themselves.  Her admission ticket to Chiropractic was back pain, but learned how her spinal health can influence her allergies and digestive health as well. 


Hope her story helps you understand that different experiences can produce different results. We would love to help you feel healthy again! 


WHAT WE ARE NOT: A 6-12 visit treatment plan for your pain. A jack of all trades or A "all natural " car wash of services that work off the spine and rub tight muscles. 


WHAT WE ARE: A very focused ecosystem moving you from Pain --> Pleasure by serving specific scientific chiropractic care as a preventative high-value low-cost & long-term lifestyle habit for health conscious people so they can be more, do more, have more! Dr. Zev Mellman is a Davie FL Chiropractor located directly off 595 & W. State Rd. 84. 

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