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Davie FL | Chiropractor | Review | Dr Zev Mellman

This week, we received an awesome review from a new practice member and it inspired me to share but elaborate beyond the social proof aspect of things. The truth is, so many people are skeptical, or cynical about Chiropractic, and most are just because of something they heard from someone else who heard it from this one person. Our reviewer starts off her review by saying that exact thing. I’m glad she did though because it speaks to an emotion a lot of people have and feel. To add more fuel to her fear, her own team of medical doctors from her primary to her neurologist told her to never go to a chiropractor. They recommended she take an anti-seizure medication for the rest of her life. It’s funny, they can say that and it’s ok, but when I recommend taking care of your spine for life, for a select few, it doesn’t make sense. Does taking a prescription drug for headaches for the rest of your life sound more rationale. Especially when there is a big possibility that the spines positioning and movement can influence symptoms and contribute to the problem at its roots.

I want to cut to the chase and explain how chiropractic works and is helping this person overcome her health challenges. Your skull protects your brain & your spinal column protects your spinal cord & spinal nerves. Every organ, muscle, tissue, and cell communicate via these structures and are dependent on them. The spine has a natural shape and its this positioning that protects the spinal cord and nerves. Daily stress overtime weakens the spinal column. As this happens, stress, tension, irritation & pressure starts to build on the system and influences are day to day function. This leads to one situation after another & one symptom after another. We take care of the system and the system takes care of the situation.

We Got Your Back,

Dr. Z

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