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It’s Monday night, 10:52pm at the time of this sentence and we finished up at our office this evening around 8:45pm. My inspiration came a little earlier in the day while conversating with someone at the adjusting table about their sister who has been falling behind on their spine care. I’m calling this topic/post the friendly reminder. Most of our technology comes with built in reminders, helping us stay on time and on target. The body has technology just like this. The difference is, you don’t get to set the priority level, or the date it can get done. We like to think we do but truth is, when your body wants you to know something, it’s going to tell you right then and there. It doesn’t care what’s going on, where you are or who’s birthday it is, when it wants your attention, you will know. Can you relate to this? Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of times where you can control this, a healthy lifestyle with good habits applied daily helps keep us ahead of the curve and on the offensive. On the other hand, when your out of alignment with what you are supposed to do, your body will let you know it’s out of order! It’s interesting conversation because when you do things out of order in other areas aside from health, it usually brings more chaos or congestion into the picture. As a chiropractor, part of my role on your health-care team is to give you friendly reminders to get in alignment & provide your spine with upkeep to maintain a healthy functioning brain-body communication. You see, when I remind you, it’s going to be a smoother process in comparison to when your body decides to remind you. When your body reminds you, it’s usually later in the game and usually because it’s breaking down faster than it’s building back up. When I give you a friendly reminder, it’s to stay focused! When your body gives you a friendly reminder, it’s to get RE-focused {key point here}. It’s important to note that your body’s symptoms are it’s most intelligent response to an unintelligent scenario and it needs to let you know. It’s essentially wanting you to bring order back. Writing this makes me think of those law movies where the judge will say “order in the court” when it’s crazy & chaotic! My friendly reminders are similar to that, because I’m outside your life looking in, seeing patterns that could potentially lead to bigger problems and I’m trying to help you stay on track and avoid certain pitfalls. One way or another, when your slipping and not taking care of business, someone or something is going to remind you. The takeaway is, It’s better when it’s me rather than your body. I hope you get the big idea! Thanks for taking a couple minutes to read this. Thanks for engaging with me and most importantly, thanks for applying it. I Got Your Back, Dr. Zev Mellman 

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