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"I've suffered from neck and shoulder pain for years, and visited almost every physician and orthopedic in the area complaining of the same problem. 
Not to mention, I also suffered from migraines and IBS. 
Referred to countless physical therapists and yet nothing seemed to alleviate the pain. NOTHING I did seemed to solve the problem. NO medication I took would do the trick. 
Many times it was brought to my attention to see a chiropractor. Skeptical, I reached out to a long friend whom had background in the field and he referred me to Dr. Mellman. 
Hassan took care of me when I arrived and right off the bat, I was amazed at the quality of patient care. Not to mention, the ambiance was friendly and welcoming. 
During my consultation, I was educated in chiropractic care and learned how important the role of the spine really was. As embarrassing as it may sound, Dr. Mellman went down his list and touched on every symptom I was feeling and what the cause really was-the misalignment in my spine. I cried. 
So many years going through the same pain, visiting doctors left and right-and this man pinpointed all my problems in one visit. We set a plan, and here I am now-well on my way to a better, HEALTHIER life!
I have no words to describe the overall changes I have seen in myself and my health in these few short months I've been treated by Dr. Mellman.
I'd recommend him blindly! 🙌🏽 
Five Stars-well deserved."
Dr. Zev Mellman- Davie FL Chiropractor
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