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Ask Your Doctor?

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This article is from Business week magazine. I am glad they published this because it’s an important conversation that needs to be had. We are one of the few countries left that allows for direct

marketing from drug companies to us. 

Drug companies spend over 4 billion/year hoping you walk into your doctors office and ask for the drugs you feel you need by name. In emergency cases, there is no denying they save lives but most of the time, the collateral damage from taking prescriptions every month outweighs the benefits, according to some experts in that field.

I think it’s a fair statement to say; better health thru better chemistry doesn’t work. It’s a titanic sick-care approach that’s sinking fast. 

Bottom line: If I’m spending that type of money, it’s because I want you on my product/s. 

We Got Your Back,

Dr. Zev Mellman - Your Chiropractor


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