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Baby Adjustment By Chiropractor Dr. Zev Mellman

In this post I want to offer my insight surrounding kids and Chiropractic. There are always going to be people that don’t get it or don’t understand why, and most of the time have formed their opinions based on something they heard or just some crazy idea that is circulating around in their head. On the other side, parents that have their kids under routine and regular chiropractic care always rant and rave about it because they see benefit.

Sometimes kids admission ticket into chiropractic is because of neck pain, back pain, headaches or ear infections but regardless of what brings someone through our door, the conversation is always going to be the same, which is bringing clarity to the spines role in our health and quality of life.

We teach kids that when your teeth break through the gums we need to brush them and take care of them. Not just when we feel a cavity coming on, but routinely because we know that removing the buildup on the teeth helps prevent dental disease.

Your spine is really no different regarding that concept. However there are major differences in how it works and what it influences. Let me explain. Your brain and spine connect like a USB plugs into your phone to charge. Like text and data work with our technology, your brain sends messages down your spinal cord and out your spinal nerves, sending and receiving messages in real time every day seven days a week. These messages range from telling the immune system what to do to helping our muscles recover to repairing damaged or weekend areas to take your foot off that piece of glass right now. It’s constantly making chemicals which allow us to feel, heal and express life.

A lot of moms and dads and just people in general would ask a question that goes like this “what would be some indicators that my child would need to be checked or get adjusted”. The indicator they’re looking for is some type of pain or problem/s. This question is reactive in nature because it sets up a reactive answer. It’s like asking what would be a good indication that my child needs to brush their teeth? Would it be when they have gum sensitivity, pain when eating food, can only eat on one side of their mouth, or breath is constantly bad. There’s not one thing or one reason or one exercise that causes the spine to get all out of whack. Bottom line, we are using it every day in hundreds of different ways and because were all under different types of low level stresses every day it’s important that we get our spine checked for any abnormal movement patterns or pressure, irritation or tension buildup on the nerves or postural changes that are starting to develop as a result of our daily weekly, monthly and yearly routines.

Another common misconception is that kids get adjusted the way adults get adjusted. Children get a completely different Chiropractic experience because they don’t have the damage or degeneration that adults usually have.

Chiropractic is delivered by a person which means every person can deliver it differently just like all chefs can cook food differently. Don’t let the chef spoil the food. Remember this, different experiences produce different results.

Thanks for your time,

Dr. Zev Mellman

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