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Study suggests a 99% Approval Rating on Chiropractic Care

Dr. Zev Mellman- Davie FL Chiropractor
Research determined that people who received long-term Chiropractic care never reached a maximum level of improvement. Those under Chiropractic care for over a year bore no sign of reaching a plateau in their health status. Even patients under care for more than three years showed no signs of approaching a health limiting ceiling.
One of the largest Chiropractic studies ever published showed a significant improvement in overall health and well-being for patients receiving Chiropractic adjustments. After evaluating over 2,800 patients in 156 clinics, a strong connection formed between persons receiving Chiropractic care and reported improvements in health, wellness, and quality-of-life. Ninety-five percent of patients reported that their health care surpassed expectations and ninety-nine percent of participants wished to continue care and adjustments.
Chiropractors do not seek to treat or cure conditions. Chiropractors work with the innate (inborn) intelligence inside the body to allow for a better expression of health. Doctors of Chiropractic achieve these benefits by removing interference from the central nervous system due to alterations in spinal movement and alignment. The autonomic nervous system controls and coordinates all automatic functions in the body, including heart rate, breathing, digestion, and fertility. Chiropractic expertise locates stress in the spine, called subluxation, and adjusts misalignments and restricted movements of the vertebrae. Subluxations in the spine do not always produce immediate pain and symptoms. Proactive Chiropractic care maintains optimal system function that directly opposes a health care system that waits for sickness and symptoms to attack the body. Adjustments reduce stress in the body and slowly remove interference to the autonomic system, helping the body restore function through better brain balance. A proactive approach to health care drastically reduces the need for drugs and surgeries that plague people of all ages when reactive symptoms surface and damage quality of life.
The human brain operates with intelligence exponentially more sophisticated than the most powerful computers in the world. That amazing organ works to automatically control all balance and function connected to every system within the body. Chiropractic supports the self-evident truth that incredible intelligence exists in both the world and in each person. The intelligence inside the body consistently strives to keep our bodies in health and balance. Chiropractic honors the innate intelligence inside the body by finding and reducing any interference in the central nervous system through regular check-ups and adjustments when necessary.
As always, thank you for reading this article. Thank you for choosing us to help you upgrade, uplift, and uphold your health and performance at work and at home. Additionally, if someone you know could benefit from this specific article, I am not asking you to hand it to them or force it on them, just LOVE'em up (smile) and teach them about what you read and how it could be exactly what they need to get back on track.

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