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Are You Carrying Fibromyalgia On Your Back?

Dr. Zev Mellman Davie FL Chiropractor discusses natural approach to Fibromyalgia

Would you rather have a back problem or fibromyalgia? What if I told you they were connected?

Every year, more women, not less are told they have a life-time sentence called Fibromyalgia which requires conventional medicine for the rest of their lives. The status quo is to treat the symptoms with dangerous and often times sickening drugs.

2014 Research from a medical journal called Rehab Research and Practice found a direct connection between the severity of the fibromyalgia and the health & function of the spine.

We know that sugar is bad for teeth. We know that blocked arteries are bad for the heart. This study shows that mis-alignments found in your thoracic spine (mid-back) are bad for your nerve system.

As people with fibromyalgia jump from one doctor to the next in hopes of finding the cause and correction, it's easy to become tired and weary. But when we are weary, it gets in our way of seeing or trying something different despite the track record of medical results.

This study should be refreshing for those with fibromyalgia who want to be renewed with hopes of being able to have better sleep, more energy, more capacity to do things, and feel healthy again. Cookie-cutters are great for baked goods but not for upgrading your health.

A pivotal finding in this study was that fibromyalgia patients at rest showed an imbalance in their nerve system which led to severe pain, mood problems, fatigue, mental fogginess, and poor sleep. According to this study, the influence spinal adjustive care can have offers a unique solution to heal naturally from inside-out by restoring balance to the brain and body by removing interference (mis-alignment) in the patients nerve system.

As much as the medical world tries to focus on finding the miracle drug or surgery for this condition, it would benefit the reader to start to look within themselves and realize that healing is always best when done from inside-out, not outside-in and chiropractic's history and heritage has advocated this concept and philosophy since inception.

Genetics, infections, & emotional stress or a combination of them all are thought to contribute to fibromyalgia according to the experts and medical institutions in this area. However, one thing we know for sure is that no drug can influence the nerve system like a specific scientific chiropractic adjustment & this study supports that.

Thank you for taking a couple minutes to digest this content, my hope is that it had value and helps you avoid going down a dark alley with your health. It could 10x the quality of your life if applied correctly.

Dr. Zev Mellman- Davie FL Chiropractor

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