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Issues with Digestion, Severe Headaches, Energy, & Posture.

Patient: Dealing with issues like constipation, acid reflux, IBS, gastritis, or Gerd can be frustrating. Couple that with weekly headaches / migraines, sluggish energy levels & you describe the “ideal” customer for any pharmaceutical company.

Doctor: We wanted to see if their was signs of spinal displacement (kink in the hose) or vertebral subluxation contributing to their health concerns. Based off our analysis, it was clear that these 3 had nerve interference (like a dimmer switch to a light bulb) from spinal displacement (kink in a hose) inhibiting their bodies from being able to overcome these health concerns.

Medical Intervention: Typical medical treatment for symptoms/conditions like these could be chronic use of over the counter medications which are the leading causes of kidney and liver problems as well as linked to stomach distress long-term. These often times harmful medications taken consistently can allow the problem to become progressive and weaken the health & wellbeing of that person even further.

Our Intervention: Design spinal corrective protocol’s to address the vertebral subluxation (displacement) and postural weaknesses contributing to their overall health challenges. Remove the nerve interference with specific scientific chiropractic care.

Outcome: Better Health & Happiness! Read their 5star reviews below

#1: From the simple hello’s once you walk in, and the short, simple conversations the employees may have with you, Dr. Zev’s Chiropractic is a welcoming, and friendly environment. Before I even started going to Dr. Zev’s Chiropractic , I used to have killer headaches that would usually last days just for it to go away, but know I don’t even remember the last time I got a headache. Dr. Zev’s Chiropractic is not no ordinary chiropractic (in a good way), the employees and Dr. Zev actually gets to know you, and communicate with you. Dr. Zev’s Chiropractic is like one big happy family full of diversity.

#2: When I first visited the chiropractor I was skeptical about my treatment, but I must admit that over the span of time that I have had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Zev’s office I have lived up to his famous quote…. I feel better and I do better because I go to the chiropractor. I have better posture, no more headaches, live a healthier lifestyle, and just feel better overall. Not only that but his team is the definition of incredible. They let you feel welcome with a warm greeting and they are also very helpful in aiding you into the machinery. The environment is also welcoming with the delicious goodies, inspirational quotes, and tasteful selection of music. Dr. Zev always comes into work with a smile on his face, you can just tell that this man loves to do what he does. I am very appreciative that my parents found the chiropractor before I got even more subluxated (that’s a word Dr. Zev uses a lot) than I already was. Honestly Dr. Zev turns the power on for any age, I encourage anyone even if you are like me and feel healthy already to give Dr. Zev’s chiropractic care a shot.

#3: Dr.Zev and his employees are professional and fun in an amazing environment for everybody. The environment is not only relaxing but inspirational and motivational. The chiropractic care is amazing and I always leave feeling great , rain or shine ! I completely recommend coming and taking his care for a try you wont regret it. Turn the power on!

If you or a loved one in Davie or surrounding area is experiencing pain, discomfort, health problems, dis-ease, weak immune system, or fatigue, we can help. Dr. Zev Mellman Family Chiropractic – Delivering corrective chiropractic care – located right here in #Davie has helped THOUSANDS regain their health and vitality by simply realigning their spine back to health. Please call us for a complimentary pre-consult to see if you qualify for corrective chiropractic care.

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