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This weeks content is based off a study that was done at Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine, Sendai, Japan, along with the Division of Cyclotron Nuclear Medicine at Tohoku University. This study included 47 references {WOW}


The critics and naysayers do not like to hear that spinal care via Chiropractic can positively influence so many aspects of human health. SPOILER ALERT: It does and here are the specifics 


•Significant reduction in muscle tension


•Significantly reduced tone & pressure on our sympathetic nerve system which leads to improved immunity & wellness


•Increased (cingular cortex area of brain) responsible for emotions, learning, and behavior)


•Increased activity in the region of the brain (cerebellar vermis) responsible for posture/movement and emotions


•Increased joint range of motion


•Reduced (somatosensory cortex) responsible for pain perception


If their was a supplement that did all of these things, it would be a top seller on amazon and rated #1 with endless 5-stars. Every person would want to private label it and create a way to make it their own. 


Your spine is the most important real estate when it comes to quality of life. While this study was focused on brain changes after the adjustment, it reminds us how connected we are to our nerve system and how pain and pleasure live under the same roof. 


It also deepens my commitment to reach and teach as many as possible the power and application of Chiropractic to remove stress and irritation to the nerve system in "real-time" to prevent chronic lifestyle related issues. 


Till Next Time,


Dr. Z


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