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4 mind-blowing things your spine influences

March 23, 2017





It's 2017, can we change the conversation about spinal health and Chiropractic's role in that process? Don't confirm to the mediocrity that BIG PHARMA is pumping and their distributors are pushing.


I want to share 4 mind-blowing pieces of data that should remind you about the impact your weekly spine care has on your health and your families health.



Source: March 3, 1994 issue of New England Journal of Medicine Source: Nov-Dec 2011 Journal of Alternative and Therapeutic Medicine



Source: Journal of Clinical Biomechanics November 1987. Volume 2, Issue 4, Pages 223–229



Source: March 2011 Journal of Osteopathic Association



Source: John Hopkins 2009 Liz Blackburn
Source: 2011 Ogura study - Journal of Alternative and Therapeutic Medicine


Spinal problems can influence every aspect of your life for the worst and reversing that can influence every aspect of your life or the better, it goes both ways. Don't let the chef spoil the food. Your spine is the most important real estate in your body. It's a major player when it comes to anti-aging naturally, improving your immune system, stopping and preventing spinal degeneration & maximizing brain function. However, so many people I speak with have experienced it in a 6-12 visit "GMO" treatment plan for your back pain or a kink in the neck. Their is a big difference between getting test results and getting real results. If you or a loved one is struggling to find RESULTS under our broken-down conventional disease management system, you might want to try a different experience because different experiences produce different results.



Thanks for taking the time to read and absorb this. Thank you for always engaging with us and sharing this. Thank you for being apart of our chiro culture.

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