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Work Hard | Play Hard | Chiropractic

Davie Chiropractor Dr. Zev Mellman | New Blog Post

The modern world is unnaturally stressful. We are working very hard, playing very hard and repeating that over and over again. In the this post, I want to add one thing to that formula that can help you big time. It’s called the chiropractic strategy. I speak with a lot of people and one of the most common things I hear is the situation they are in because of XYZ. They are going from one situation to the next because they are forgetting to address the system. The system oversees the situation. Getting adjusted routinely is upkeep for the system because it removes the stress, tension and pressure that the work hard, play hard formula you currently have comes with. Everything in our bodies is connected because of the system. Here are a couple concepts to drive that home.

Your cardio-vascular systems job is to supply the body with blood, transporting nutrients, oxygen and hormones. Everyone can recognize that blocked, clogged or damaged arteries effect the movement of blood through our system. This one problem can influence our entire body and negatively effect our muscles and organs.

Your gastro-intestinal systems job is to digest and absorb. Everyone can recognize that any blockage, internal pressure, or shifting/twisting can effect movement of bowels, digestion, absorption of nutrients and our overall health.

Your nerve system job is to run, govern, organize, control and oversee all aspects of human health. It’s bread and butter is communication. Oddly enough, few people prior to walking into my office have been taught that tension, pressure and irritation to the spinal cord and nerves effects the communication system of the body and can wreak havoc on your health. If bad dental hygiene can influence our health, imagine what a bad spine will do.

While this post doesn’t have much meat on the bone (no pun intended) it’s purpose is to help you connect the dots between and get the big idea #UPKEEP #PREVENTION #LIFESTYLE. You don’t have to give your spine upkeep to live, you get to!

If you look at the majority of elderly people, there posture is severely challenged, there heads are dramatically shifted off of there shoulders, and they tend to have a lot of rounding in there backs. What they also tend to have is a long list of medications, covering a variety of physical ailments like pain, blood pressure, circulation, headaches, anxiety, irritability, digestive problems and the list goes on. Research on the spine has clearly shown that health markers drop and decline as our spine starts to break down.

Regardless of what your past or present experience has been or currently is, finding the right chiropractor for you and your family is essential if your going to work hard and play hard.

We Got Your Back,

Dr. Zev Mellman-Davie Chiropractor

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