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We All Need Chiropractic Care

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The first time I ever looked at a chart of the nerve system, the word playbook is what came to mind. To this day, that’s how I teach & tell it! Keeping it very simple but accurate, the playbook can be taught like an owners manual or instructions.

It’s hard to take ownership over something you don’t understand or have a grip on. In this post, I use a banana to help give you a visual of what I’m trying to get across so you can understand it better.

The brain controls all functions in the body. It also controls, runs and regulates all muscle function and organ function. How it does this is through software we call the nerve system. The nervous system is one part brain / one part spine and spinal cord. Branching off the spinal cord are nerves which transmit messages like text and data to all parts of the body 24/7. Our software is protected by our hardware. A banana peel protects the banana like the skull protects the brain & the spine protects the spinal cord and nerves.

Emotional (mental) physical and chemical stress is put on the body every day can slowly and gradually bend, alter and change the positioning of the spine. Every degree of misalignment can influence our health negatively and bring us one movement closer towards pain and suffering. If we change the shape of a banana it breaks, bruises or smushes, and there is no debating that. Similarly, as the spines position changes it starts to push and press on and/or irritate the spinal cord and nerves.

Let’s change the way we look at things so the things we look at can change. If we wanna feel better consistently then we need to make sure that our spinal health is on our top 5 priority list.

Dr. Z

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