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Synthetic Chemicals

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Time magazine featured a story written by Dr. Oz awhile back, about trying to avoid synthetic chemicals in our food supply and how bad it can be . While this isn’t anything new, it’s a nice reminder that people with different educational backgrounds and philosophies can find common ground regarding their feelings about food additives, chemicals, and GMO’s in our food supply.

Time magazine also had another article surrounding the prescription drug problem, not opioid, but just general prescriptions, and how every year we are becoming more reliant on pharmaceuticals than ever before. This is very interesting to me and hopefully to you as well. It should be an eye opener as to how people view and manage their health.

There is a time and place for everything and everyone but seeing Americans more doped up and dependent on drugs to keep their body functioning doesn’t hit my ear well. Drugs, like food chemicals are also synthetic and we should work hard to make sure we stay healthy and as drug free as possible, the same standard we hold our food too.

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