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Technology is fun! It’s embedded into everything we do now-a-days. We marvel over it’s convenience and it’s creative application in our day to day lives. However, as a chiropractor, I can’t help but want to upsell how powerful the human body is and it’s capabilities. From healing a cut on your finger, to modifying mothers milk for a baby based on its needs and wants, to your immune system knowing how to protect itself without any help, it’s hard to not acknowledge all the technology that comes standard with being human.

This technology works because our nerve system is the ultimate software. The spine has a very intimate relationship with this system because it’s housed inside of it.

Whether it’s neck pain, back pain, headaches/migraines, auto-immune issues or energy challenges, these symptoms work like over-draft protection. It’s the bodies way of helping you and protecting it in the short term. Symptoms are usually the most intelligent response to an unintelligent lifestyle.

Hopefully my spin on this topic helps you understand the punchline about what symptoms mean or represent.

Thanks for your time

Dr. Z

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