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Spinal adjustments helps heart surgery patient outcomes

Usually when something sounds too good to be true, it is. However this 2017 study from the "Annals of Thoracic Surgery" demonstrates the power that spinal adjustments have on improving quality of life, even for those post heart surgery.

So the big question is, what does my back have to do with recovering from heart surgery? The answer is the central nervous system. Your brain uses your spinal cord and nerves to move information needed to heal and repair through impulses. These impulses can be influenced by your spinal alignment and movement.

Chiropractic's history and heritage has been 100% focused on minimizing the impact of lifestyle stresses that suppress and irritate the central nervous system. The term used to describe this is called Sub•lux•ation.

While dentists specialize in teeth & heart doctors specialize in the heart , the chiropractor specializes in spine and nerve health. Because all things connect back to spine, it's common for many health problems to become better and improve under routine and regular chiropractic care.

Here is the problem that comes with typical post surgical medical treatment cited in this study. Patients who took pain medications generally experienced unwanted side effects from those drugs. People who took anti-inflammatories post surgery increased the risk of stomach bleeding and cardiovascular complications. Overuse of pain pills (opioids) delayed recovery and even worsened the outcome.

Chiropractic post surgery:

Patients who needed heart surgery saw massive benefit from getting adjusted 5 days after operation. People experienced less pain, improved heart function and improved breathing over those who did not get adjusted. People who received adjustments were able to get out of the hospital faster by 2 days {WOW}. Anyone who has ever had a hospital bill knows 2 days is a lot of $$$.

Last thing the authors of this study noted which you need to be aware of is early warning signs of spinal problems in form of difficulty breathing and or mobility (lack there of)

As always, thanks for slowing down to read this info. Hopefully it resonates with you and helps you become crystal clear about your spines role in your health.

Dr. Zev

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