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Dr. Zev - Chiropractor from Davie FL - talks about Melatonin

Mel•a•to•nin is a naturally made hormone in your brain by a gland called the pineal gland.

It's one of the most powerful anti-oxidants made in the body. An anti-oxidant simply means it helps neutralize or slow down the damage from over accumulation of waste products also known as free radicals.

How do we accumulate free radicals?

They are naturally occurring byproducts of chain reactions that happen but most commonly increase the following ways according to most text books on this subject and #5 is my add-on

1: Food we eat

2: Medicine we take

3: Air we breathe

4: Water we drink

5: Irritation to your nerve system

The benefits of melatonin are numerous. It has a greater range of effectiveness than vitamin c & e and has been linked to helping with high blood pressure, hormones and has been connected to reducing certain cancer growths.

It is produced cyclically to spike in the evening and drop off in the morning so we stay synced up with day and night rhythms. This is why it is connected to regulate sleep.

Harvard medical school researchers have found that taking over the counter drugs like Aspirin have been shown to reduce natural melatonin levels.

Below are 4 guideposts to help you maintain healthy melatonin levels.

1: Stay consistent with meals throughout the day

2: Keep your food consumption lighter towards the last 2-3hours before bed

3: Avoid over-stimulation throughout the day like too much stimulants

4: Minimize your night-time / late night workouts

I want to close with this- Irritation to your nerve system can influences your body's ability to adapt and thrive. It is important to remember to remove all sources of interference instead of just throw supplements at your symptoms.

Watch David's testimony on how he was able to come off sleep aids and after beginning regular and routine chiropractic care with us.

Tons of Appreciation,

Dr. Z

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