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What I Know For Sure By Dr. Zev Mellman Davie FL Chiropractor

Important insight for you today.

I am noticing a lot of confusion over the last couple of weeks regarding pain & discomfort and what it means. So before I offer my 2 cents, I want to start by sharing with you how most of us form our opinions and beliefs.

...Our well-intended parents program us with the beliefs wired into them (RS)

...Our teachers school us on the methods of thinking and ways of being that they have learned as "reality" (RS)

...Our peers and the media influence us to want what the majority wants, behave as most humans behave and live the best hours of our finest days in the same box of limited possibility that the 95% plays in (RS)

We are more connected than ever before but more disconnected from ourselves than ever before. We think pain is something we just caught like a germ. We want to disconnect from it like it's an app on the phone we can just close out of. So here is some insight into this confusing word

Symptoms are usually the last thing to show up in the dis-ease process and the first thing to leave in the healing process

Symptoms are the right message at the right time. It's a check engine light to let you know something needs to be check and looked at. Imagine if your car never gave you feedback that something isn't working properly.

You would never tell a friend or family member to suppress their emotions so....why would you be okay with them suppressing their symptoms.

Feel bad...take something

Feel sad...take something

If you are open to change, I want to share the basics of human health with you. Your brain controls all the functions in your body. Your spine is the real estate it uses to do it. Together they form a highly advanced operating system call your nervous system. The physical stress surrounding our daily hustle, The food we consume and the environment we are in can irritate this system. Irritation causes stress and inflammation--> this leads to pain and fatigue

2 ideas here...

One is basic and small: Use chiropractic care as a natural pain reliever for 6-12 visits for a neck or back pain.

Second is BOLD & BIG: Re-Think Chiropractic as a brain-based real time strategy to neutralize the impact stress and inflammation have on your nervous system for a LIFETIME

Here is how I'll end this....

Nothing changes until you decide. You can't improve your health with the same level of thinking that brought you to where you currently are. This is your time. You CAN do this. You belong in an environment that brings out the best in you. I truly love watching people obtain a whole new level of health and impact and hopefully we will get to see you do the same.

With love + a ton of respect,

Dr. Z

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