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Davie FL Chiropractor Dr. Zev Mellman Shares Chiropractic Lifestyle Tips Regarding The Basics of Oli


I want to give you 2 tips regarding olive oil.

Everyone knows about olive oil. Some of you reading this blog practically cook with it everyday. I'm here to give you 2 powerful & practical tips to help you realize not all

oils are created equal

Tip #1: Use olive oil as a topping for salads or foods instead of cooking with it.

As you may already know, ALL cooking oils have a specific smoke points based on their FFA (free fatty-acid content). If you exceed the smoke point not only will you destroy the oils nutrition content, but you'll oxidize it in the process. Oxidized oil is not something you want to be consuming. This will lead to many health problems.

Their are many other great alternatives to cook with and not to mention they have relatively high smoke points to prevent oxidation.

Some of these are:

  1. Organic Unrefined Extra virgin coconut oil

  2. Organic Grass Fed Butter

  3. Organic Animal Fats

  4. Organic sunflower oil

Just to name a few...practically every nut/seed will make an oil

Tip# 2: Chose Organic every time and unrefined instead of refined as much as possible. First thing to look for..

"is it organic?" If it is..

Then ask "is it Extra Virgin ?"

Followed by.. "is it cold pressed?" If it is then, the final question you want to ask "is it unrefined or refined?"

I hope this helps you get one step closer to feeling healthy again.

Here To Help,

Denis -Purveyor of all things healthy

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