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My Test Is Now My Testimony

Healing is by DESIGN- Your PAIN is by default.

Read/Watch his story & see for yourself

The content we publish is our way of showing you how we touch the lives of so many in our community and look forward to helping you be your best.

This week is a great post. Eric is a husband, a father, a pharmacist and a weekend warrior always pushing his limits. This man has no room for a bad back or bad health. What he didn't know is that A back problem is a brain problem and since your spine is the motor to the brain, it can influence every aspect of your life. Spinal problems can affect your energy, your recovery and your day-to-day functions.

We see & hear this every day - maybe you can relate. For some odd reason you were told or just assumed Chiropractic is a 6 to 12 visit treatment plan for your headache, your neck pain or your back pain. This is like saying water is only good when you're dehydrated.

OK back to Eric...we gave him the Mellman chiropractic experience, helped him understand his spine's relationship to his pain but also his overall health and performance. His test became his testimony and his video is a brief 1 minute story that showcases the type of work and the level of integrity that goes in to our product.

WHAT WE ARE NOT: A 6-12 visit treatment plan for your pain. A jack of all trades or A "all natural " car wash of services that work off the spine and rub tight muscles.

WHAT WE ARE: A very focused ecosystem moving you from Pain --> Pleasure by serving specific scientific chiropractic care as a preventative high-value low-cost & long-term lifestyle habit for health conscious people so they can be more, do more, have more! Dr. Zev Mellman is a Davie FL Chiropractor located directly off 595 & W. State Rd. 84.

Your 🎟 to the Feel Healthy Again Show is 📞away . The only thing you stand to lose- is your symptoms

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