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My test is now my testimony

Its endless….

The amount of attractive distractions out there saying they can help with this or that.

You need a lifestyle success strategy to help you adapt and breakthrough your weekly stresses. {Video At Bottom Of Blog}

Current Strategy:

• Outside-In Approach

• React to whats happening when it happens

• Take or drink something to shift our state of mind or block out feelings of overwhelm & frustration

• Go exercise or get a massage

• Distract yourself with technology or even a book

I am not debating whether this works or not or….whether it is right or wrong.

I want to give you 4 ideas which when applied consistently can & will unleash your finest potential

New Strategy:

• Inside-out approach

• “Real Time” versus Later

• Pressure off - Power on

• Focus on what produces the biggest change

Inside-Out: Your current strategy has some upside, however its impact on your operating system (brain and nerves) is limited in bandwidth. What your doing is like taking all your accumulated stresses/discomfort and saving them in a folder on your desktop or cloud based storage app. Restoring balance from inside-out allows you to go deeper into your blueprint by taking pressure off the nerve system which is 100% activated when under pressure. {ever heard of the expression - this person is on my last NERVE?

Real Time:

Imagine eating food and drinking coffee/tea at the first of the month but not brushing your teeth till the end of the month. When you routinely get adjusted in “REAL TIME” during those weekly stress points, your brain and nerve system re-wire and re-fire helping you to positively influence the way stress hormones like cortisol-epinephrine-norepinephrine tax your system.

Pressure off Power ON: :

Wine connoisseur's understand that when the pressure from the cork is released, the wine starts to enrich and improve. The release of internal pressure activates this process by allowing it to breathe. Would you rather save the stress hormones & have them continuously take up memory on your hard drive & slow your operating system down OR…..would you rather CTRL + ALT + DELETE your stress from your brain & body. Somethings just need to be moved to the trash! Fresh juice | exercise | meditation all have their place and are great, but they do not take the pressure off your delicate nerves and restore better communication. This is where the adjustment comes in. I do not say this to compare or discourage anyone from utilizing those stress outlets, I personally love all 3 but it is critical that you get CLEAR about the difference. Not judging, just reporting!

Focus: Simultaneous Vs Sequential

There is a lot of conversation about what's trending next. Every week their is something new or old and re-polished as the NEXT BIG THING. Here is my suggestion. Simultaneous change breeds complacency. Simultaneous change can be overwhelming and lack predictability over time. Sequential change breeds order. Sequential is more predictable, more consistent and more enjoyable. It's better to narrow your focus and develop 1 strong habit after another laying down a rock solid foundation versus trying to incorporate too much too quickly. I am positive some of you have done and are still doing it. It's also more costly. You end up buying $100's if not $1,000's of dollars worth of stuff you never actually use or finish. "C" level focus can never give you "A" level success

You might be reading this and thinking what does my back (spine) have anything to do with this or even ANXIETY for that matter but it does. A BACK PROBLEM IS A BRAIN PROBLEM

Take a minute to watch this and see for yourself how a different experience and approach can produce different results.

Feel Healthy Again,

Dr. Z

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