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You Can't Have "A" Level Health With "C" Level Habits

I'm seeing more people in our community & surrounding cities trying to be healthier.

Newton once said "If I have seen more than others, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants."

I am going to recommend 5 habits that will help you be more, do more, have more, build your interior self and bring you top shelf results.

Run Your Own Race "Robin Sharma".

I'm cherry picking a title from one of my mentors but it applies so well to this point. Many people want to do what others they know are doing or whats trending on social media. The reality is, what works for one may not work for another. An example to illustrate this point is food. A food like cashews maybe beneficial and used by your body well, but to someone else, it's bloat bait! An exercise for your arms might target your weakness very well, but for someone else it's just ok and they don't feel it the same way. Their will always be commonalities and overlap with what your doing and other people's routines but stay focused on individualization for your needs and be self-aware enough to know what feels right vs wrong for you. Essentially...Run your own race

Shift Away From Status-Quo

Status quo is generic. Why would you want to do what everyone else is, if the results don't match. Learn to think for yourself and read regularly about upgrading yourself and your mindset. Be weary of all the hype. Don't buy into the act now, deal about to expire marketing pertaining to health. Watch some health based documentaries to give you a better idea as to what's going on or some books on topics your interested in.

Narrow Your Focus - Go Deep

We are in a time where quick and easy is priority #1. We tend to want to master everything. Superficial learning has gone viral.

I recommend you change the game by focusing on 1-2 things your really need/want to get better in and go deep. When teams get out of alignment, the best coaches do not look for magic formulas, they go back to basics. You should take a page from this play book and master 1 thing at a time.

Raise Your Standard

So many people I speak with are spending more energy on why they couldn't or shouldn't. Stop should-ing yourself and raise the bar. If you eat healthier than everyone else around you, make a new friend/s. If you exercise more routinely than most people you conversation with, dial a new #. We think and perform like the people in our orbit. This doesn't mean isolate yourself from people you love or care for. It means surround yourself with people that raise your standard.

Be Patient

We want microwaveable results. We want rapid transformation. Making a positive choice -decision can happen in an instant but results take time. It's not sexy in the beginning. You have to develop a "why" and the when and how will follow. The short game can be fun for a minute but the long game is where the fulfillment comes in. Don't fall for the cash-grab "free-parking" easy way out. After all, if it was easy, everyone would be healthy and on top of their game. Remember this, If the key to great health was just education, every professor would have it. If the key to great health was just hard work, every laborer would have it. It's a combination, so be patient.

Dr. Zev Mellman - Davie, FL

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