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Chia Seeds

Here’s One Suggestion Dr. Zev Mellman Recommends to Help People Balance Their Cholesterol, Improve Their Digestive Health, And x10 Their Recovery!

Is your nutrition up & down?

Do you feel like food & supplement companies are trying to sell you on everything?

If you read blogs, scroll social feeds, or hangout on Pinterest long enough, you can find yourself ordering a massive amount of misc items you most likely do not need that produce slim to no results. It’s the world we live in. People and companies want to sell you anything that sounds good and my observation is that it can lead to burn out. I call it adult trick or treating that YOU PAY FOR.

Have you gone trick or treating looking for supplements or foods to help with these conditions?

• Balance Cholesterol

• Balance Blood Sugar

• Digestive Health

• Alternative Source Of Protein

• Skin Health

• Heart Health

• More Anti-oxidants

• Reduce Inflammation

• Boost Your Energy & Metabolism

Sure, their is no shortage of things you can do to impact the conditions above. Their is a medication you can take to treat the symptoms of these lifestyle imbalances and their are detox drinks, smoothies and supplements to help you combat them as well. But what I have seen in my office work consistently for my practice members health is Organic Chia Seeds.

For those who do not know me…

My name is Dr. Zev Mellman, owner of the one-of-kind, top shelf chiropractic clinic in Davie FL. Over the last 7 years, we have helped individuals & families in our community install better lifestyle habits and adopt a drug-less approach to help them become healthier & happier people.

The health benefit of "Chia Seeds” are impressive. I not only see positive changes in my performance but in everyone I recommend them to. While there are at least 9+ different reasons to eat organic chia seeds, here are 3 things I see most often when applied correctly.

Balance Cholesterol & Heart Health

Chia is very high in omega 3’s, the same healthy fat found in salmon. This is important because if do not like fish or do not eat much of it, you can still obtain all the healthy fat benefit these omega gold nuggets provide. This source of healthy fat helps your body fight inflammation naturally and assist your body in regulating its innate cholesterol ratio.

Digestive Health

Loaded with approximately 11grams of fiber per serving, it truly helps promote bowel movement regularity and aids in normal innate driven detox. Because of their fiber content and fatty acid make-up, it makes it possible for them to bind to toxins and flush them out as well. Additionally their fiber content also helps contribute to heart health and optimum innate cholesterol levels.

x10 Recovery

This little seeds are a superfood & the same reasons they can improve heart and digestive health are the same reasons they contribute x10 performance. It can contribute to helping your hydration, and keep inflammation at a minimum so you can wake up and do it all over again. Additionally, they can contain up to 8-10grams of protein per recommended serving {WOW}

My intention in this article is to introduce people to Chia Seeds. If this is fresh, never heard before content for you, GREAT!

If this introduction article to chia seeds was nothing more than a reminder, also GREAT, because there is no saturation with education.

We are a SUPERB team located in {Davie FL 33324} focused on work that matters for individuals & families who want a drug-less alternative to better health & happiness.

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