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Stop Aging In Your Spine Now

Stop Aging In Your Spine Now: Prevent Pain, Poor Posture, Sluggish Energy, Stiffness, And Other Health Problems This article was written to share the simple truth about spinal positioning and its impact on human health and performance. Most people's approach to these problems violates more than just common sense so we will review the who-what-when-where & why of spinal decay All healthy joints in your body require alignment and movement. When we lose alignment & mobility, the degeneration cascade kicks in. Similarly, when a cars alignment is off, it prematurely wears down the tires and surrounding structures. Study after study over the past 4 decades has proven the negative influence abnormal spinal mechanics can have. Who:

Anyone & Everyone average person spends 2 to 4 hours a day with their heads tilted forward for reading and texting on their smart phones, amassing 700 to 1400 hours of excess, abnormal spine stress per year. The high school student may even spend an extra 5000 hours in poor posture per year. What:

Spinal Degeneration is the breakdown of spinal structures like bones-discs-tissues in and around your spine due to short-term and long-terms stresses. When:

Earlier than you thought--According to the 2003 study performed in Aberdeen Scotland, 9% of 10 year olds had spinal disc degeneration without knowing it or feeling any of the symptoms Where:

Connective tissue. The most abundant tissue in the body which connects structures such as joints and ligaments. Location varies depending on the persons lifestyle habits, routines etc...,however It's becoming epidemically seen in the Neck (Cervical Spine) due to tech neck postures. Why:

Very few are educated on the effects of alignment and the importance of spinal movement for reversing the damaging effects of carrying around a weakened unhealthy postural position. Tips- Generally speaking of course- if it applies fix it, if it doesn't, move on. Certain people could benefit from more specificity.


The a absense of pain or symptoms is not a good indication of spinal aging

2 Water makes up 60-70 percent of the connect tissue so hydration is key. The formula I like & recommend for starters is half your body weight in ounces/per day.

3 A grass-fed collagen or collagen/gelatin supplement from a reputable company. Email me at for a recommendation if your interested.

4 Swimming is very therapeutic for the spine and connective tissue


A healthy food plan


Routine & regular spine care

As always, I hope you enjoyed this micro-content for macro changes to help you feel healthy again.

Dr. Zev Mellman- Davie FL Chiropractor

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