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Depression Getting In Your Way?

Davie FL Chiropractor Dr. Zev Mellman Reviews Recent CNN Story To Treat Depression & Offers A Natural Alternative

The FDA announced they are "fast tracking" a breakthrough treatment for DEPRESSION. It's called esketamine but it's better known as Special K. The story suggests that Depression damages nerves & what they saw in Special K is that this drug remodels nerves thru a process called NeuroPlasticity.

I would urge you to remember that the best doctor is always within. Here are just a few examples of your innate physician. Whether you recognize it or not, when you feel bad and wake up better, your innate doctor went to work. When your body spikes a fever to kill the bacteria or virus trying to invade you, your innate doctor went to work. When you cut your finger and it quickly healed, your innate doctor went to work. When you cut your hair or finger nails, do they grow from outside-in or inside-out. When an egg breaks from outside-in, LIFE ends! When an egg hatches from inside-out, LIFE begins.

Depression is a symptom that something is not functioning properly. Since our Brain, Spine, & and central nervous system control all functions, it's logical to invest time & energy into making sure nothing is blocked or restricting it from FULL FUNCTION. The evidence clearly documents that your weekly CHIROPRACTIC adjustment minimizes your REAL TIME stress & upgrades your health & HAPPINESS. Every person you know battling anxiety, depression or mental grogginess should have their spine at minimum checked and maximum adjusted routinely throughout life.

If you or a loved one is coping with pain, pressure, or other health problems, Please consider visiting Dr. Zev Mellman. They are based out of Davie FL 33324 but serve the surrounding Broward County communities such as Pembroke Pines, Cooper City, Plantation, Weston, SW Ranches and many others.

Dr. Zev Mellman & his staff are a superb team focused on work that matters for individuals and families who want a drug-less alternative to better health & happiness. Our spine & postural care can help you feel healthy again.

Call Mellman Chiropractic at 954-433-3886 to get started.

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