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Stay Mentally Sharp!

What I know for sure

Your families spinal health can influence every aspect of their life for better or worse. I say this respectfully.... no other doctor can help your family regain their health & optimize their nerve system as uniquely as a Chiropractor. If someone in your family is being left behind, my question to you after reading this is, WHY? Here is just one example...


Part 1 - According to the March 3, 1994 issue of New England Journal of Medicine, Stewart Lipton MD shows that an increased amount of glutamate in the brain is the primary cause of nerve -degeneration because glutamate destroys neurons.

In order to pump the glutamate into the astrocyte cells in order for it to be removed from the body there must be adequate ATP pumps and ATP.

Therefore, increased amounts of ATP will stop and reduce neuro - degeneration.

Part 2 - The Nov-Dec 2011 Journal of Alternative and Therapeutic Medicine study proved that a Chiropractic adjustment increases blood flow, oxygen, glucose utilization, and ATP.

Art: Your weekly adjustments and spinal care are not just helping you feel healthy again, they stop and regenerate brain tissue.

Philosophy: The best doctor lives within you. We call it (INNATE) inborn intelligence which governs and runs all functions. Keeping your nerve system clear helps Innate thrive and express health 100%.

Thanks for reading this. Thank you for allowing us to serve you. Thank you for loving what we love.

Dr. Zev Mellman- Davie FL Chiropractor

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