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Bursitis? Try this strategy to maximize recovery


Try this strategy to maximize recovery

In this article, I will answer the Who | What | When | Where | & Why’s to this setback and hopefully turn this into a set-up for better performance at work and at play.

What is it: A bursa is a fluid filled sac (think of it like a WD40 cushion) between soft tissue and bones in various parts of your body.

Why does it become inflamed: common knowledge connects this type of symptom with chronic overuse, poor mechanics and even nutritional triggers have a tie in. Major blind spot is not looking to the spine. Postural deviations in your spine create a lack of movement (subluxation) leading to scar tissue formation and early degeneration between 1-8weeks of onset which effects your nervous systems ability to properly regulate and repair to meet your performance needs.

Where: Shoulders, Hips (trochanteric) are most common followed by elbow and even heels.

Who: Anyone who repetively uses those structures routinely. Anyone without routine corrective chiropractic care to address these dysfunctions in real time so your body can adapt.

When can someone get it: Unless its a direct injury or trauma, most will not feel symptoms until its too late. Symptoms are always the last thing to come and the first thing to go. The more pro-active you are and self-aware, the quicker you can make the necessary adjustments to either avoid this or heal quickly from it.

Supplements that can help

Grass-fed collagen powder - Need for tissue repair and new collagen formation (a protein in connective tissue)

Vitamin C (food-based) - Reduces inflammation and stimulates immune function (BTW: immune system is primarily controlled by your nerve system) Important for formation of collagen.

Amino-Acid Complex - Supports tissue repair and keeps body in anabolic state.

Multi-vitamin - High in Vit A as well as well rounded in B-complex (email me if you want to know my personal recommendation)

Epsom (magnesium) salt bath.

Dr. Zev Mellman- Davie FL Chiropractor

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