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Is Aluminum Foil Spoiling your Health? The Alarming Truth!

Is Aluminum Foil Spoiling your Health? The Alarming Truth!

4 Facts You Must Know

1: Aluminum exposure on the micro level and macro level is associated with nerve related issues as well as brain-based dis-orders.

2: heating/cooking/sealing food with it increase aluminum leakage into your food leading to increased exposure which is completely avoidable.

3: Experts in this field state that metals bind with other metals there by increasing metal accumulation within your system leading to further stress and toxicity making this even more harmful.

4: make sure your water filtration system effectively removed aluminum contaminants found in public water supply

Action Step: start utilizing unbleached wax/parchment paper solo or on top of aluminum foil so good isn't it direct contact with aluminum while cooking. Store all foods in glass / pyrex or a safe alternative.

If you read nothing else

Aluminum is classified as being a neuro-degenerative accelerant.

What does this mean? It weakens and causes damage to nerves in your body. Nerves are carry life to and from your brain and spine in a coordinated effort to maintain proper health and function.

Minimize aluminum usage at all times!

Bonus: check out Age of Aluminum documentary for the back story and more info on this topic.

Dr. Zev Mellman- Davie FL Chiropractor

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