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Davie Chiropractor: Is This Why You Have Back Pain?

Did you know that neck pain, back pain and headaches progress into serious quality of life dis-orders over time?

It’s common for neck and back pain sufferers in the Davie and surrounding area of Miami to go thrugh the daily grind of life and not think twice about their spine and posture. I should know, I was one of them. Around 14 years old I developed a serious breathing problem which spiraled into bronchitis, pneumonia, and a weakened immune system. To make matters worse, I started to develop some skin issues, most likely due to all the toxic pills I was taking to get me thru the day.

Not an ideal scenario for a young teenager!

What’s the cause: Because I never took care of my spine, every little thing started to add up quickly. Here just a couple to name a few: birth stress-pulling on my neck with 60-90lbs of force, falling a gazillion times when learning how to walk, sleeping on my stomach, twisting my neck and back when they were stiff, sports and the bumps and bruises that follow, hours of looking down while reading & studying, backpack stress, weightlifting, watching movies with my hips in one direction and my torso in another.

I would say that was a good beginners list as to how my spine became unhealthy and stressed. Long story short: Learning about spinal health through chiropractic helped turn my life in a new and healthier direction!

Our spine is the foundation for strength and health in our bodies. Mis-alignments in your neck and back will lead to decreased nerve flow to the rest four body.

The result? Organ dysfunction, back pain, neck pain, headaches, allergies, fatigue. Daily stress can add up and over time begin to weaken our spine and our overall health! The problem is, your forehead doesn’t light up and tell you this right away!

Dr. Zev Mellman is a corrective chiropractor located in Davie, Florida. Great location for people within the 33029, 33028, and surrounding zip codes. Want to take a tour of our Pembroke Pines chiropractic office and see where all the magic of Chiropractic BioPhysics happens? Call us today at 954-433-3886. Dr. Zev Mellman also helps people in the community with back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, sciatica and herniated discs. If you or a loved one lives in Davie, learn why people feel and say Dr. Zev Mellman is the best in Broward County!

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