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Davie Chiropractor: Could This Laser Therapy Used By Pro-Athletes Be Your Shoulder Pain Solution?

Now, in Davie, FL, Dr. Zev Mellman Corrective Care Chiropractor is helping local residents dealing with rotator cuff problems, frozen shoulder, or arthritis, live more active, pain-free lives. Advanced therapies & treatment protocols are helping patients increase shoulder strength, improve motion, and eliminate shoulder pain once and for all. Finally, you can be pain free again – even if you’ve got the most excruciating shoulder pain you have ever felt.

Does your shoulder pain build up when you move it wrong or is it a sudden sharp pain shooting from your neck into your arm? Do you have difficulty just washing your hair or even scratching your back? Have you had to give up golf because of your shoulder pain?

Nothing’s worse than feeling great mentally, but physically feeling held back from life because your shoulder hurts and the pain just won’t go away!

Utilizing the most researched, scientific, and results-oriented corrective chiropractic techniques and therapies, our practice members notice a significant change in their pain and discomfort, as well as a dramatic improvement in their overall health.

If you are suffering from any of these problems, a breakthrough in medical technology may completely eliminate your pain.

Finally, You Have A Proven Option Other Than Drugs And Surgery

New research in a treatment known as K-Laser therapy, or “BioPhotoStimulation” is having a profound affect on patients suffering with shoulder pain. Unlike the cutting type of laser seen in movies and used in medical procedures, this laser penetrates even the deepest of injuries without any damage.

K-Laser therapy (Bio-Photo-Stimulation) has been tested for 40 years, has over 2000 papers published on it and has shown to aid in damaged tissue regeneration, decrease inflammation, relieve pain and boost the immune system. This means that there is a good chance this therapy could be your shoulder pain solution, allowing you to live a more active lifestyle

Professional organizations like the New York Yankees training room to retired athletes rely upon laser therapy to treat their specific injuries. These guys use the laser for one reason only…

It Promotes Rapid Healing of The Injured Tissues

Two landmark studies have proven the effectiveness of lasers.

The first study showed that patients who had laser therapy had 53% better improvement than those who just had a placebo. The second study showed patients who used the laser therapy had less pain and more range of motion days after treatment. If the cold laser can help these patients, it can help you too.

Could This Non-Invasive, Natural Treatment Be The Answer To Your Shoulder Pain?

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