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There is a good time to start taking control of your health and your family’s health; unfortunately that time was many years ago. The second best time is right now!

We are a very unique team specializing in research-based spinal and postural correction that helps families achieve optimal health & function; often where many other systems have failed.

“Health & Sickness are not overnight experiences. It's the small decisions along the way that cause people to be healthy and thrive, or become sick and tired.”

"I feel tremendously blessed! I wake up everyday excited about serving my community & beyond. I make little distinction between my work and play, labor & leisure, mind and body, education and recreation. I simply pursue my vision of excellence leaving others to decide whether I'm working or playing because to me, I'm always doing both".

Families travel weekly from North South East & West and pass many other doctors offices to get to us because of what we do & how we do it! Some people view Dr. Mellman's Family Chiropractic office as a power source and their visits are to get plugged in and get powered up. Others see it as a refuge from the over medicated pharmacopeia. Whether you feel like your losing power and being drained or ready to get off the medical merry-go-round, we might be what your looking for.

When asked how Dr. Zev came up with this style of care he says "I thought of how I would want my family & I to be taken care of and created it".

My entire family lives the Chiropractic Lifestyle. We focus on our frame (spine ) our food (organic) and our future!

Are you ready to join the Family?

Your child's spine plays a major role in their future health. Children who receive regular chiropractic care

grow up into healthier adults.

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